• 21H11 Saturday, 3rd March 2012


This is the first volume of the series of what is to become a curated collection of things.  Just like birth, we are not quite sure what it will become in the end and we are also not sure of how it will begin. But, to begin we must, and, we will begin in the begining, with shapes.

It is our understanding that there are three basic shapes that define the foundation of anything and everything visually designed.

  • rectangles,
  • triangles and
  • circles.

Everything else borrows from those shapes to create other shapes.  That is the brief of this volume.  In the end the volume will contain research that we will conduct on this specific topic, and if you are interested to contribute, do send us mail with your contribution:

You are at liberty to translate the brief in anyway you wish, with only one rule: thou shall not steal.  You are however at liberty to inform us of somebody else's work you feel would fit within the brief.

The format of your contribution can be in any form and shape:

an illustration, a graphic design piece, a cartoon, satire, photography, an animation (or motion design), words, moving pictures, design, architecture, literature, science, phsychology, politics and many more other things you know more of than I do.

Should you need clarity do not hesitate to ask questions below in the comments or drop us an email.

Let the madness begin.


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